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Learning math has never been so much fun! The game from Greysprings will keep your little ones engrossed for hours at a stretch.

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--> It is common knowledge that a significant fraction of the world does NOT like Math. A recent survey conducted in America by Ogilvy PR reported that 3 in 10 Americans (29%) admit to not being good at math. In fact, the majority (a staggering 63%!!) further admit to having difficulty when faced with the prospect of applying math in everyday situations.
One of the biggest reasons for this inadequacy is the disinterest to the subject right from kindergarten. Outdated curriculums and age old textbooks might very well be the ones to blame. The math textbooks have hardly changed since the Sputnik era. We are still stuck with the same old problems from Arithmetic's, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. Finding better ways to train kids in math is now paramount as it will have a profound effect in their futures. However, this requires a fundamentally different approach in teaching math.
Cue triumphant introductory music!
We present to you the brand new game from Greysprings: Kids Games - Learn Basic Math. It is a highly kids-friendly app that will help them learn math concepts in a revolutionary and refreshingly new way. They can learn to do fractions by feeding pizza to a monster (that is always hungry!), learn addition and subtraction courtesy of an ornate virtual fish tank and much, much more! All the games contained in the app are beautifully animated with captivating music and adorable characters to keep your child engrossed.

Your child can master the knack of telling the time and become an ace in maths and numbers in no time! So, what are you waiting for?

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Google Playstore: Kids Games - Learn Basic Math

Name: Adarsh KAM and Indranil Mondal
Mobile: +91 9786020793

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