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Greenlight fee has been paid, crows are flying around and environment got few nice additions. Check it out! [GIF ANIMATIONS INCLUDED]

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Greenlight fee

Winning Indie Dev Grant was a perfect opportunity to pay my fees so I can enter world of the Steam Greenlight. It will take a while before I send my project there but I'm step closer to that now :)

Crows doing kraa-kraa-kraa

No, sound is still not in the game but I have crows flying around in. You'll find these in storyline map (you'll have bats in the crypts, don't worry) - they will be hanging around on the trees, church's bell tower, fences, etc. When you get close to them, they simply fly away leaving scary kraa-kraa voice behind.


I took few tries on the dialogues window (borders, font, text, colors...) and this was my final try. I won't stop here because I'm still not satisfied with it - I don't know, I just wanted to show you some mockups.
PS: Yes, "heared" is spelled wrong :P

Environment stuff

I'm working hard on storyline map because I really want to finish this intro to the game. I'm not handing out any preview copies until this is done - you can't put player in some random crypts and assume that he/she knows what's going on. Here, few examples:

Just chillin' at the tiny waterfall

Scarecrow - because every spooky scene must have one

Scarecrow for the seconds time

If you like reading details of the development, you can always fly through the more detailed weekly blog post.

What’s next on the plan

  • More art (obviously)
    • Environment
    • Grave digger infront of the church
    • Old hag
    • Old Hag’s cottage improvements
  • Coding dialogue system
  • Optional: video of environment in action

What do you think of everything so far? Do you like where game is going? Do you have any concerns? I would love hearing from you!


The art is so amazing!!

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i'd love to see an ultima online like mmorpg with this kind of style..

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Those good C64 times! :D

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Blodyavenger Author

Thanks a lot everyone, your positive comments are much appreciated :D

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