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So TWO videos today. A pretty self-explanatory video on grass and shadows, and then a wicked cool visualization of all the work I've done via the code repository. Check it!

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I got two development videos - one which is self explanatory, and the other which is... strange.

So first, the self-explanatory video!

This next one is a visualization of my code repository. A code repository, for the non-techies in the audience, is simply where I keep my code to keep it safe and warm from dangerous internet and computer weather. This video shows how my code has changed over the course of the last few months - with the graphical nodes being files, and the lasers my little character shoots being what I'm changing at that particular time.

Next week I'm going to be putting more traps into the game - something which I am really looking forward to. If I get around to it I may even put ladders back in the game, and I've got a really cool idea of how I can improve ladders over the way I previously implemented them.

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