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Here are the patch notes for Graphics Overhaul v1.0.5.1. They're somewhat long so be warned if you intend on reading them.

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-More texture improvements, especially on smaller textures that have looked terrible since 1.0. A few
improvements to larger textures and a few more loading screen and menu improvements.

-Additionally slowly updating naming convention for "bump" map files as well as now exporting them as higher quality pngs and being much more scrutinous with what textures actually use them.

- Updated "firstaidkit.jpg" (Normal first aid kit item texture)
- Updated "firstaidkit2.jpg" (Blue first aid kit item texture)
- Updated "gasmask.jpg" (Gasmask item texture)
- Updated "nav.jpg" (Navigator item texture)
- Updated "radio.png" (Radio item texture)
- Updated "wallet_tex.jpg" (Wallet item texture)

Loading Screens:
- Replaced "mtf.png" with "mtf_2.png"
- Updated "scp-096.png" to "scp-096_1.png"
- Created "scp-096_2.png" (previously "scp-096.png")

- Updated "2_office_lamps_dif.jpg" (Lamp map object master texture)
- Updated "294.jpg" (SCP-294 texture)
- Updated "concretefloor.jpg" (Concrete floor texture)
- Updated "concretefloorbump.jpg" to "concretefloor_normal.png" (Concrete floor normal map)
- Updated "concretemoss.jpg" (Mossy concrete texture)
- Updated "concretemossbump.jpg" to "concretemoss_normal.png" (Mossy concrete normal map)
- Updated "ctwalls.png" (Heavy containment brick wall 1 texture)
- Updated "ctwalls2.png" (Heavy containment brick wall 2 texture)
- Updated "metalpanelsbump.jpg" to "metalpanels_normal.png" (Metal panel wall normal map)
- Changed "miscbump.jpg" to "misc_normal.png" (Miscellaneous mechanical object normal map)
- Updated "officeseat_a.jpg" (Office chair object texture)
- Updated "scp-012_0.jpg" (SCP-012 texture 1)
- Updated "scp-012_1.jpg" (SCP-012 texture 2)
- Updated "scp-012_2.jpg" (SCP-012 texture 3)
- Updated "scp-012_3.jpg" (SCP-012 texture 4)
- Reverted "tree1.jpg" (I believe this is for the now removed scp-038)
- Updated "tree1.jpg" (SCP-860-1 tree texture)
- Updated "wood.jpg" (General wood texture)
- Created "wood_normal.png" (General wood normal map)

- Updated "106_diffuse.jpg" (SCP-106 texture)
- Updated "guard_diffuse.jpg" (Guard body texture)

- Updated Promotional Material Organization
- Fixed a few errors in "materials.ini" (incorrect normal map allocations, typos, etc.)
- Fixed several typos in changelog and made it more consistent with the 8-bit breach changelog
- Fixed an issue with specific textures not being used since they weren't in the props folder
- Included "d3dim700.dll" so the game can be ran at higher resolutions
- Removed "CameraTexturebump.jpg" (Camera object normal map) [Unused]
- Removed "caution_teslabump.jpg" (Tesla gate warning normal map) [Unused]
- Removed "officeseat_abump.jpg" (Office chair object normal map) [Unused]
- Removed "tree1bump.jpg" (I believe this is for the now removed scp-038) [Unused]

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