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The world as you know it is about to get more interesting...

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It's come to my attention that using stock RPG Maker XP graphics outside of the RPG Maker itself is not entirely legal... so the game will be receiving a facelift (for better or worse) with Beta 8.

Up until now, you guys have been seeing the village's inventory whenever you hit the "i" key and accessing items down in the dungeon that are being constantly produced on the surface. This is about to change. In Beta 8, your inventory items will be completely separate from the village's items and there will be a 'weight' limit on how many items your character can hold... this means you'll have to transfer items from the village pool to -your- inventory via a new menu at your home. The days of being able to survive all the way to the bottom of the dungeon in one go will be gone. But fear not! Your weight limit will increase by 10 every level, and I'm also implementing being able to craft leather bags (1 per level) to further increase it by another 10... effectively doubling your capacity with each level (should you have the resources to make them).

Beta 8 will also be introducing dungeon loot! Treasure chests will be randomly spawning in each dungeon room with potentially up to 10 items... this will include the long awaited gems to use in armor and weapon crafting!

Hope you guys are as excited as I am for this one :D

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