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Welcome to the maximun graphical contest of Gamys Mod

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Well Basically this contest bases on your ideas for my game :D.

Contest topics :

Box - Barrels - Dynamites - Scientist - Portals (need to be 2 portals)
The color of the items doesn´t matter, but the size yes.

Box : must be an image 64 x 64
Barrels : Must be an image 64 x 64 (with a round circle inside)
Dynamites : max size : 64 (tall) x 92 (long)
Scientist : Must be 64 (tall) x 32 (long); max size : 64 x 64
Portals : Closed and Open / COlor 1 and 2 / Must be : 42 (tall) x 32 (long)

Things i´ve been working on :

i was working on the portal system, but you can only enter in an orange portal and when you exit on the blue portal, you just press 3 (gravity gun) what allows noclip and get out of the portal :D.

I was working on a New map : made in Valve Hammer editor wich i just took an screenshot of it from the top side. in the 3d view.

I added new zombie killing animations, wich when you shoot the zombie and the zombie crashes in a box or wall or whatever (excluding barrels), it falls by sitting in front of the wall.

like this :


But seen from the top :D

See you later

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