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Hi, that's a Pirog. I'm proud to present for u a some sweet screens of our progress. Hope you'll like it.

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Today i want to introduce to you our mapper.

Kenz3001. He does a great help and still doing a Toys In The Hood map.

About the progress, what we have at this day. Me and Turn are producing a models, unwraps and a textures for it. Here's the updated excavator, which i've done a few days ago. It's already in the level.

Also here are the render of the first house, model done by Lapin N. aka Turn, unwrapped and textured by me (Pirog):

and here's the main news, which you waited for all this time - level:

We also have more parts, but it is untextured and done for less than 50%, so u still need to wait =)
And i need to say some ideas, what i have to do a little bit later:
- we need to add a special race mode - not a circle race, a sprint race! it wasn't in an original game.
- add a cars, which was on all the platforms to one game
- add a cars, which you will request to do (kinda some poll)
- add all the levels and cars, which was in the concepts of the original game and add some new tracks.

About the last i'll say a little bit later- need to draw sketches and do somethink to show. Hope u're enjoyed these screenees bonus: Detail meshes for detalisation the terrain, road and all the enviorment

Waiting for your comments and thanks for reading!
=we still need help with coding, modelling and texturing=

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ninjaman999 - - 118 comments

Sickkkk :D
As long as the car physics are nice and bouncy, this will ROCK ^o^

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Pirog Author
Pirog - - 223 comments

i think we will need some 1 for a testing and comparing with the original game dynamics of the cars. (need to be udk jule 11 installed). and also help in tweaking are requested - it has epic much parameters, when in RV was 3 -__ -

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Joe_Shmoe - - 304 comments

This is a nice update, love where it is going! :)

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Joe_Shmoe - - 304 comments

oops ignore this

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InvertedVantage - - 92 comments

Haha, epic, tracking.

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Mr.Crunch - - 11 comments

Tracking. Reminds me of Micro Machines ^^

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Halogaland - - 1 comments

I can propose my Zipper HQ if you want, it's a more detailed Zipper :
You can find it on Revolt Zone Tracks (
Could be used as a base, because I think it needs to be a bit remade ;)
Contact me ^^

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