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We're introducing today an equally important part of Gorescript. The music that makes you want to mop the floor with the game's pixelated enemies.

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This weekly update on Gorescript will introduce the music of the game. Just imagine the pixelated massacre with a proper soundtrack.

Nothing is more exhilarating than wiping out the hordes of voxel horrors in Gorescript than to do it on a soundtrack that fits.

Gorescript soundtrack is well established in the techno and electronica genres and makes sure you're on your toes as you prepare to brave the levels.

This time we've got two specials from our soundtrack guaranteed to get you ready for this shooter and put you in the mood to play it.

As you start the game you'll be greeted by this tune:

And, as you roam through the levels, you'll definitely be knee deep in some pixel splatter on this song as well:

We're not claiming this music is performance-enhancing but just take a look at this crazy stunt Limopop pulls with Masochist and Blackout modes turned on.

Want to set the mood for action? You can find the soundtrack right here:

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Want to get a feel of the game before the launch? You can download the new demo from here:
Gorescript free alpha direct download[]

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