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We have a new pre-alpha version of Gorescript for you! The new build includes the full second level of the game.

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We've added a second level of blocky horrors for everyone's delight! So all you Speed-runners, Blackout Mode fans and those who think "Hard" is actually "Easy" will be treated to more of Gorescript's pixelated carnage.

Get the new build directly from here:

On other news regarding Gorescript, yesterday we launched an article on Gamasutra, exploring the full history of Gorescript Classic, from the development stages to its initial release, to getting played by John Carmack himself, then headlined on HackerNews, and finally achieving lasting popularity on Chrome Web Store.

Also we started having our first gameplay videos on Youtube! This guy finishes the first level of Gorescript in just 37 seconds on Masochistic difficulty with Permadeath and Blackout Mode switched on!

And OX Cord! What can I say about this crazy guy! He is already on his 4th video playing Gorescript and we already love him!

OX Cord playing Gorescript pre-alpha Demo - Indie DB

Did you make a video or anything Gorescript related? Let us know!
You did not? The new pre-alpha is your chance!

Did you get the chance to vote on our new game?

If not you can do it on our Steam Greenlight page!

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