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Remember the good olds days when I kept postponing this mod. Well you should cause I'm doing it again.

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Hello as the title would suggest (as they so often do) I am delaying the mod for some time but not because I'm going to give up. Instead with the addition of a texture person (texturer? texturemancer?..) I have felt vigor like never before and I want to be able to use these mystical textures to the best of their ability and with the greatest frequency possible. So this delay comes down to me deciding to do something I am ultimately going to regret. Remaking every single model in the most efficient way possible. I have already been working on the Brawler which is almost done and is currently at 750 polygons vs the old 5000+. This however is incredibly tedious and mind numbing but means you guys should get to field significantly larger fleet then originally proposed. So all you turtles should have the fleet to defend your vast territories.

Expect all the models to be redone within a month or two and provided textures keep up and our code gets in gear. We should be ready to alpha this shit up in three more months. I know I have made these promises before and failed to deliver on them. But rather then pursue the obvious career in politics I have decided to quietly work out how to tell the truth. I think I have it down now but only time will tell.


You are saying you can produce the same results using only 15% of the polygons previously required. (Witch!!! Bind him, throw him in the river. If he floats the river has rejected him and he will be burned at the stake. If he sinks the water has received him and he is innocent. So mote it be.)

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mangosofdoom Author

not 15% more like 35% or so

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very good, take your time.

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