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A potential release date for the demo\alpha could be coming up soon

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Red Gauge Studios

Ok so as the title suggests the team has some good news. work is underway on getting the code to work and barring any problems (oh god i hope we dont have any problems) we may have somthing for a few select ppl we may have somthing for you to play. This will basically be a demo as we need to now what works and what doesnt before continueing the story (who wants to design a full story then find out its stupid nonone thats who). So basically in the next few months we should have our very first level all coded and textured and wrapped up in a pretty ribbon and those selected for the alpha will be given the option of continueing to receive updates (additional levels) as progress goes on.

more detail on what gameplay elements may be in the game will be discussed but (and kept secret) but we are hoping to bring a unique and generaly fun experience to sins of a solar empire.

once again im sending out the call for anyone that would like to help with the game we can always use more coders and a couple of voice actors would be nice (cant all just be done by one person) we may also need an animator to help with a couple of the more complex animations and particle forge

also on the topic of voice actors we need female voice actors as well since all we have at the moment are male voice actors (and i refuse to have pretend female voices)

From the team


noing - - 1,507 comments

well i would help if i knew how to do anything but my expertise are more along the lines of electronics
thanks for the update

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mangosofdoom Author
mangosofdoom - - 1,501 comments

thanks for thanking me :P

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Lt.Col.Zach - - 97 comments

Well i took a look at that modeling program you told me about and its definitely different than what ive used before. I played around with it and i dont think i could really do the types of models youve made. Sorry :( . However you did say you still needed voice people so I could be available for that if youd like. Also I have a fair amount of free time so if youd like help testing when the alpha is finished id love to help with that to

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mangosofdoom Author
mangosofdoom - - 1,501 comments

cool yes u can do both

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