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So I was browsing the web this morning, and I decided to check out the Steam Forums for AvP. You'll never believe what I found...

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So anyways, I saw THIS in wonderful bolded letters:

If you haven't guessed it, the seemingly legendary Patch 5 has just been announced by none other than Rebellion themselves! This certainly is good news!

While the patch notes don't include everything seen in the "leak" ( ) seen in the original post of the previously copy-pasted thread link, it does include some needed tweaks and gameplay changes. Here, read the notes for yourself!

The following notes are the provisional release details of PC patch 5. This is currently scheduled for release early next week (28th June onwards) assuming QA approval.

Please note that once Patch 5 goes live, all dedicated servers will need to update to the new version before they can be played on.

New Features
• Enabled XP gain, leaderboard updates and associated achievements and skin unlocks for non-ranked games as well as Ranked Matches. Now the differences between ranked and unranked games is that in Ranked Matches, skill-based matchmaking, team balancing and other Ranked Match associated rules are enforced and in Player matches they are not. You are now unable to have a game that does not update the leaderboards, or award XP.
• Major overhaul of low-level networking code for player-hosted (i.e. not Dedicated Server) games in order to improve connection stability and pings.

Bug Fixes
• Prevented runaway memory consumption under D3D11 if an FMV is playing when you lock (ctrl-alt-del - "lock computer") your machine with an NVIDIA card.
• Several "groups" issues have been fixed, including a reported issue with Group leaders causing group members to disconnect from Games if they leave and then join another Server.
• The spawning system has been tweaked, so that players will have a reduced chance of spawning very close to other (enemy) players.
• Server start up crash which occurred on Win 7 32bit Home Premium has been fixed.
• Several Server stability issues have been fixed

Balance Changes
• Flamethrower primary fire now ignites target if 25% of health has been depleted. Flames will now continue to burn until target is dead, or target extinguishes flames. Base damage is unchanged.
• Alien leap attack now causes the knockdown flinch on all targets from the "long distance" range. Damage is unchanged.
• Alien tail attack now causes the light attack flinch, which does not "root" the target. Damage is unchanged.
• You are now not able to jump and start a melee move in the air/until the jump has completed, or initiate a melee move and then jump until the melee animation has finished. Affects all species.
• Stealth attack has had some tweaks to reduce the potential for an initiation to occur from outside the allowed "angle" and range has been reduced from 8m to 6m
• The Predator flinch ranges have been equalised with the Aliens, and as a result can now be knocked down by a counter (from any species), or an Alien leap attack that successfully lands.
• Knockdown leap distance is now between 9-12m instead of 6-12m. Affects Aliens and Predators.
• Predator maximum leap distance is now capped at 12m (in line with Alien) and is not modified by vision mode.
• The Marine block will now only block 50% of an incoming light attack damage value instead of 100%.


Seems like this makes the aliens 10x weaker then before :(

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No way. i thought that too, but it is easyier to kill predator now! they fall back, when you counter his attack, and i love this. but...I'm tiered that rebellion didn't make more out the game. the campaign is to easy and they didn't maked a Map editor :( I WANT TO MAKE OWN COOP LEVEL BUÄÄÄÄH!

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good patch, less new features :(

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