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A greeting from the programmer: Good day to all of you. This is the programmer and in-game-graphics-designer speaking. I'd like to use this space to introduce myself and the Garvest Boon project.

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Good day to all of you. This is the programmer and in-game-graphics-designer speaking. I've had a lot of fun with Garvest Boon so far. I am a big nerdy fan of the retro Japanese 90's SNES microsim games with anime feeling. I've played all of them possibly, all of the Natsume's games except tree of Life and yes, i've been playing the Rune Factory series on the Playstation as well, although it could be seen as heresy to some and completely rational to others.

I just adore this series. I am no stranger to regular pc games and 3d modernities, I play or follow most games. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Skyrim you name it. But this has nothing to do with the project per se. This project started off with me coding small tile based garvest boonish minigames already 6 years ago at the very least. They never got finished, but to start anew and make it better gave me a good sense of peace and quiet. It relaxed me deluxe.

I never really gave it much thought, it was kind of like when other people draw on sketchbooks or stuff. They don't necessarily start with the intention to publish what they draw. But after a while, my codings kind of got more and more complex in less and less programming time, until I finally told myself. Why don't I actually go for it and make a game with a beginning and an end? In between projects and deadlines I kind of got buried in this project, and after a few codes that started on the wrong assumption and consequently got thrown into the virtual trash-bin, I got one done that looked very promising. Since then I spent a lot of my free time, as well as recuperation time in between crunches, clearing up my mind by adding features, animations, cleaning up the code, optimizing, redoing and such other amenities. That's the beginning of all this. Thank you for your time, and NICE TO MEET YOU!

/the Programmer

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