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This version is best BETA we had ever released. The engine works like magic! We have a tone of new features and tools to play with! Enjoy!

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Added video tutorials directly in the engine
After reloading a map that didn't had the sky re textured, it will automatically apply the default sky
Default Ground optimized
Minor Optimization UI Experience
Fortified Core Engine architecture
Exit Button now disables when object deleted or deselected
Lights HotKeys have been disabled
CutScenes have been disabled temporary
Minor UI imporvements to Model Navigator and Texture Navigator
Model Navigator now minimizez after importing an object
Added Notification System
Model Navigator name bug has been fixed
After reloading a map the ground texture didn't applied correctly bug fixed
Model Navigator now support zooming and manual rotation for better viewing the object
Model Navigator now supports textures
Model Navigator extension bug fixed
Model Navigator error now minimizez the window, after the OK given to the error, the window will pop up automatically
Model Previewer now can enable or disable auto rotate on R key
Primitives now have the default effect for graphics and texturing
Editor UI Color Scheme has been changed(Metro Style Adapated)
Model Navigator has adapted metro style
Texture Navigator has adapted metro style
Normal Map Generator has adapted metro style
Texture Navigator now detects if texture has been selected or not so the finish button will enable or disable
Position Weapon function now exists after escape
New Axis implemented in the engine
Editor Camera can now be also moved from arrow keys
Old Object Manipulation Removed
Major Core Engine Optimizations
Engine Code Cleaning
Engine Code Restructure
Deselect Objects by clicking outside their area
After reloading a blank map, the ground texture will no longer appear
Show Editor Objects now changes with Hide Editor Objects in the Additional Menu
MarketPlace has been temporary disabled
Glue Engine now detects the windows hybrid kernel for windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10
Primitives now scale as the brush size
Sphere and Cone Primitves now retains the brush rotation
Brush multiplication for primitives has been removed
Model Navigator now has a button that lets you import DBO files
Model Navigator Bug Fixes and Improvements
Character Importer color scheme has been changed
Resolution of 3DCore for Character Importer has been changed and resized
Effect Crafter has been disabled temporary
Audio Player has a new style
Collision Wall Brush now retains brush rotation
Screen Tint Brush now has the new axis
Screen Tint Brush now retains brush rotation
WayPoint Window now closes after selecting the Character Slot
When accidentally selecting the sky and compiling the sky transformed in wireframe, now, the sky remains solid
Interface Commands from different functions now work again
Sound Properties now works again
Editor Visuals fixes
CSG Add and CSG Substract added
Now you can select objects in the scene by clicking on them without pressing control and deselect them by clicking on another place in the map
Memory leakage on object selection detection fixed - FrameRate Increased!
After transfering the memory to a function and another, the mouse cursor will stay in position
Sky Selection bug fixed
Model Navigator erros have been surpressed
Loading Splash has a new design and fading animation
Effect Crafter button has been renamed to Effect where it includes Effect Crafter and Change Effect buttons
Change Effect button has been added for quick effect change of the object selected
Visual Glue Graph has been remade from the ground up for even easy to use mechanics!
Visual Glue Graph now supports multiple sound or music nodes
Terrain Mode has been disabled temporary

Download BETA from here:

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