Post news RSS Glue Engine - Beta 1.6 has been Released!

Today Glue Engine suffered a major new update that had a big impact on performances and visual elements

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Model navigator now has the camera range bug fixed
Retexture ground button has been renamed to Change Texture
Re - Texture Object button has been renamed to Change Texture
Changed the resolution button to additional and implemented resolution there
Added virtual exit button to easily exit the functions before entering another one
Model Navigator finish button now detects if the model exists
Character Importer has a new and easy design
Character Importer has new mechanics and bug fixes
Editor now has tooltips
If first run of the engine, resolution will automatically appear to prevent engine startup error
Texture Navigator now supports importing textures straight into the engine
Added normal generator
Splash screen has been modified
Fortified the texturing system
Model Navigator now has images of the models before representing them in 3D
New Models added
Texture Navigator has a new design
Model Navigator now has the ability to import models directly into the navigator
Model Navigator has a new design
Visual Glue Graph has been added also on the Tools Section
Added 3DSound support
Engine full re optimization process
Object Alpha Channel has been removed
Axis has been removed and replaced with drag and drop movement of the objects for easier object manipulation
Manual Scale now reads the current scale of the object for better understanding and accuracy on how to re scale the object
Movement sound from running mode has been fixed - the sound pitch has been fixed
Textures now applies automatically on the imported object after importing
Optimized load map export on the scene quality
Added a number of new hotkeys to KEYS section in the editor also they have been numbered for better reading
Scaling now is handled by X, Y, Z, left mouse click and drag
Uniform scaling added by pressing U key and left mouse click
Weapon Controls section has been modified

Download it from here:

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