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This update adds gear, arena tournaments, faster combat, predictions, market recruitment, specialists, helpers & special buildings.

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In Update v0.75 (build = 392) we have added a whole new map for you to explore. It also adds Gear, Arena tournaments, Faster combat, Predictions, Market recruitment, Specialists, Helpers & Special buildings.

Screenshots from v0.75

gs075 screen3Faster combat and new arenas

gs075 screen2Gear with stats

gs075 screen1Arena tournaments - Bronze,Silver and Gold

screenshot072Improved UI to keep track on your gladiators progress

Improved mechanics for bandit raids

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Blacksmith has been added
  • 4 armorsets has been added. Leather, Iron, Steel and Gold
  • 12 helmets has been added
  • Arena battle map has been added
  • Non-human fantasy theme gladiators added
  • NPC Predictions with bets added before arena battles
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold tournament added
  • Pit fights and Arena battles available from school menu
  • Added new fastpaced 1v1 combat simulation for pit and arena
  • Venatio and executions has been removed
  • Bronze League has been renamed to Imperial League
  • Normal pit fights are no longer a fight to the death
  • Gladiators can only be killed in Imperial League and Nightmare
  • Choose between 5 candidates when buying new gladiators
  • Added more situational factors for hit and block in combat
  • More benefits added from full crowd meter in combat
  • Intro market now display ultimate icons
  • Stamina bar now display at workbench and cooking station
  • Specialists, helpers and special buildings has been added
  • Doctore - Increase all experience gained from training by 10 %
  • Merchant - Collect 100 extra coins each 5 days
  • Alchemist - Increase healing effect for all medic beds by 10 %
  • Agent - 30 % chance to find better gladiators at market
  • Herbalist - Collect 5 medic herbs each 5 days
  • Weaponsmith - 20 % more chance to increase weapon levels
  • Bounty Hunter - 20 % more chance for better loot in chests
  • Pig farm - Collect 30 extra raw meat each 5 days
  • Forestry - Collect 30 extra wood each 5 days
  • Library - All gladiators gain 2 extra skillpoints each 5 days
  • Vineyard - Collect 10 extra wine each 5 days
  • Sawmill - Collect 10 extra planks each 5 days
  • Kitchen - Collect 20 extra food each 5 days
  • Much faster loading at intro market selection
  • Numerous minor bug/grammar/graphics fixes
  • New 80’s inspired soundtrack added
  • Savefiles from previous version are compatible

Gladiator School on Steam

Thanks for reading!
/Raptor Claw

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