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We are launching a fundraising campaign for our game. Let me tell you why you should donate :)

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Plee the Bear is a platform game in which you play an angry bear whose son has been kidnapped by god. Here is a guy hard to brave! Jump in this amazing journey to find and rescue your son. Because you want to rescue him, don't you? Or to slap him? Maybe both….

The game has been released for Windows and Linux as a free software, available under the terms of the GNU GPL 2 and the CC by-sa 3 license. It is developed by a team of friends on their spare time who are now launching a fundraising to support the development! The first feature to support is a complete refresh of the existing work. You can see the details on the project page on OpenFunding but let me show you how the game will look:

With three levels of the storyline and four mini-games, the game did receive very positive criticisms. The players loved the fun, the graphics and the music; the indie gaming community was pleasantly surprised by the technical skills and the details of the game; and the community around the free software movement appreciated the overall process and the quality of the resources, remarkable for a free game.

If you are a game developer, you may have already used some free resources from websites like or If you are a gamer, you may have played games that use the resources of such websites. In both cases, you are certainly interested by our process consisting of releasing each part of the game under a free license. Actually, we have recently started to supply with our assets.

So, if you like our project:

This way, we will all go toward fun and good games :)

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