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The Ghost Stalker's unit profile. Credits to Starfox100 and TheFinishGuy for helping with the vid.

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Designation: Mutant Commando
Affiliation: Mutants
Role: Anti- Armor, Anti- Structure
Armament: Railgun, Explosives
Type: Commando
Speed: Medium


The Ghost Stalker was a mutant commando used by GDI during the Second Tiberium War. During the war, the Ghost Stalker achieved a legendary status, and all mutant commandos used by GDI received the codename Ghost Stalker. With the end of TW2 and the Mutant Exodus, the Ghost Stalkers followed their mutant brothers to the Red Zone wastelands, taking their weapons and training with them.

The Forgotten used the Ghost Stalkers in some skirmishes they had with GDI, Nod and even between each other, but their effectiveness started to go off, as the ammunition started getting over. But, GDI gave an answer to them, by developing the Zone Trooper R-32 portable railgun. Fortunately for the Mutants, the railguns used the same type of projectyle as their own. Many raids on GDI bases and warehouses occured, and the Mutants got a considerable amount of ammo, solving their lack of ammunition problem. But this didn't solve the lack of enough commandos, and since then, the Ghost Stalkers were used only in desperate situations and only one of them per time. One Ghost Stalker was more than enough though, as their railgun could reduce any vehicle to wrecks quickly, their explosives were strong enough to level a building and they were able to heal themselves in Tiberium Fields, making them the supreme soldiers for any commander to have.

"Today is a sad day, as the elite of our infantry divisions went off to the Tiberium ravaged wastelands of the Red Zones with the rest of their people. Commander Michael McNeil personally tried to convince the legendary Ghost Stalker to convince his people stay, but it is most likely he rejected. They left, and now a huge gap remains in GDI's millitary. Chief General James Solomon stated: "This is sad for all of us, but it is their choice to self exile. I assure you though, that the gap they left in our millitary will be covered, as the GDI council has reopened the GDI Commando project closed in 2012. Thank you." In our other news today, Commander Jake McNeil, who has been considered dead since the Nod assault on Hammerfest base was found alive in a Nod facillity..."

--W3N news, 20\6\2037--

The Ghost Stalker can use explosives to destroy a building with only one explosive, but this happens only if the commando is in very close distance to the structure. This also happens with walkers, but this is more tricky, as the walkers are battle units.

justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

Again with "ma power", I´m can to see this profile while it´s waiting to be authorized =P

Nice profile and nice videos. Really liked the connection with Michel and Jake (last one become a NOD commander?) =D

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triadbanger07 - - 206 comments

the man target! it will be done! leave no enemy standing!

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‡worlun‡ - - 2,027 comments

boom boom boom booom, boom boom boom :D ghost stalker rocks :D

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BigCheese256 - - 2,241 comments

My favorite combo in Tiberian Essence: Cyborg Commando + Ghost Stalker (and some Venoms for AA Defense). :P

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Carnius - - 1,354 comments

Good profile as always. I like idea that name ghost stalker become code name, its quite logical explanation.

BTW when i was playing Thefinnishguy´s mission i finally realized how week is ghost stalker vs ordinary commandos, he should have better chance.

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Starfox100 - - 1,297 comments

well... i think it's pretty balanced since the GS can attack armored units better.

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Oaks - - 2,241 comments

Yeah,a Ghost stalker is a really "week" unit.xd.Damn, just look at this badass,wicked Chuck Norris-and-Terminator-like unit ! To think, he can have some ability to top of this just like the NOD and GDI commandos have..NOD Cyborg Commando can be only one who can fight him as equal, I think.

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Purifire - - 15 comments

great mod by the Way

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Purifire - - 15 comments

i wish The Ghoststalker would do the same thing with the Peopel who destroyd C&C4

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