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Information on the mod and what it'll bring story wise.

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I know exactly the first quesion on your mind: What is Portal: Not Dead (a.k.a. PND)?
-It's a mod based around a small, simple timeline I have created in my own mind. This timeline is not similar to the actual lore of Portal and Portal 2: This timeline is based on if Chell LOST. GLaDOS didn't die, and nothing changed, except for GLaDOS creating more test chambers. While you DO escape quite early, you will be brought back into the main test chambers every now-and-then, so that you don't get sick of seeing my version of the Portal One BTS areas.

Q: Which Portal is this mod for?

A: Portal 2.

Q: I've seen the short preview, and I'm wondering why there's a Portal 2 cube instead of Portal One cube?

A: As of right now, the Portal 2 cube is a placeholder, so that I can maybe figure out how to make my own version of the Hammer Editor as to change the type of cube is defaulted.

Q: How long will this be?

A: Not too long, but not too short.

Q: Will this be completed in the near future?

A: Probably not, but it will be finished sometime in 2019. I don't have as much time to work on this as I want, but I do have time to work on it. Just not as much as I'd like.

Q: How can I help work on/support this mod?

A: Just like it. If you want to help me work on it, I will have a Google Form in the future. As of right now, it's a solo project. I will be looking for play testers though!

Q: Are we done with these questions now?

A: For now :)

That's all I have time to do as of right now. Thanks for reading!


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