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I thought this was fitting article, found it on Wikipedia. "We are all thankfull that he was there for us in a time of fear and despair, his legacy will live on forever"

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General Paul Cortez

General Paul Cortez

General Cortez was a high ranking commanding officer, who did not receive much fame for his work during the events of the Second Tiberium War. However, when a large-scale ion storm and atmospheric changes cut off contact between the Philadelphia command station and the planet, Cortez swiftly assumed command over GDI, with his base, the Southern Cross, acting as a temporary GDI command center, until contact could be re-established with Philadelphia. He quickly brought together the Firestorm Taskforce, and siphoned off a young Commander from Project Lazarus to head up the taskforce.His character has proven crucial to GDI's survival during the Firestorm Crisis. He was decisive and highly responsible, which helped save many lives as well as allow GDI to recover the Tacitus intact from Kodiak's wreckage. His decision making also played a factor when CABAL tipped his hand, when he nearly instantly ordered a full transcript of CABAL's "expose" sent to his colonels and ordered a GDI commander to save Dr. Gabriella Boudreau.He was also reluctant to accept an alliance with the Brotherhood, considering how just a few months earlier Nod soldiers fought with GDI infantrymen in one of the most bloody wars in history. He nevertheless acknowledged the fact that CABAL posed a far greater threat than Nod when he said "as sweet as the idea of dead Nod soldiers sounds, they are only killed to come back as CABAL's cyborgs". This alliance has proven vital to success however, and despite Cortez's fears, Slavik's men remained true to the pact.He was married to Dr. Gabriella Boudreau, but divorced prior to the Firestorm Crisis.General Cortez resigned from his position as a commander and became the head of the Bureau for Mutant Affairs. Eventually he retired from GDI prior to the events of the Third Tiberium War, as he is mentioned in one of the Intelligence data files during the course of the GDI campaign.General Paul Cortez is played by Efrain Figueroa.

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Paul Cortez is a ******* hero

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"Rogue EVA with Napoleon complex and goatee" - Cortez about Cabal in TW data. I like this guy, he is my second fav GDI high officer (but still I prefer Nod :P).

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great hispanic general :)

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he looks fumiliur sorry bad englesh :D

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