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Every character can eventually earn the company of a loyal animal companion. The kind of animal depends on your class, from valiant hounds to beautiful songbirds.

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Companions are specially trained animals that can go with you wherever you go. Even the Pack Animals and Horses are well mannered enough to accompany you to meetings and social gatherings. They are neither cheap nor simple to train, so their trainers are a little careful with who can equip one. Companions are linked to the Primary class ability paths, so most characters will only ever gain access to one category of Companion and will not be able to equip two at once. Lords are the exception, and will eventually be able to equip a Falcon along with their Primary Class associated Companion.



Most warriors are comforted by the steady, loyal, predictable companionship of a well trained hound. These friendly animals will keep you company and are always watching your back. Hounds also act as great conversation starters with mission contacts and shy attractive members of society. Running and training with your Hound increases your Celerity and Might attributes. Training them involves a lot of time and Groceries put into a batch of normal hounds. The best and brightest of these will emerge as gear-worthy companions.

Nobles have been riding little pet ponies since they were small children, but these Horses are nothing like those delicate, docile creatures. Your personal Horse acts as friend, ride, protector, and extended opportunity to accessorize. The beauty and grace of this creature combined with it's powerful frame frame provides you with a Celerity and Toughness bonus. Like the Hounds, many average horses are fed lots of Groceries and the most talented, sensitive, and combat effective creatures will be sold to Nobles as companions.

Pack Animal

Your personal Pack Animal is a sign of wealth, taste, and necessity for extra mobile storage. Every Trader eventually needs one but they cannot always be found. If a building that produces Companions has yet to be built, or it's owner has not been incentivised to train the beasts, there might not be any on the market at all. No matter, Traders are good at getting things produced and shipped. Each of these increasingly exotic animals enhances their owner's Management and Might.

The Songbird is a classic pet of the gentle Clergy. Many priests can trap and keep wild sparrows but few have birds that are bright and charming enough to aid their day to day life. This little bird will put your guests at peace and charm them into opening up to you. Thousands of birds must be tested for intelligence and sweetness in order to find even one worthy companion bird. Such a rare creature increases your Grace and Creativity while you have them equipped.

The Falcon is a majestic but dangerous creature. Unsatisfied with grains and small insects, these birds require fresh meat and prefer to take the kill themselves. The striking leather glove and masterful control over a beast of prey is somehow inherently impressive to onlookers, increasing your apparent Influence and Guile. No one wants to argue with a crazy Lord with a meat eating bird on their arm.

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