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This is a small preview on my GDI campaign's first part for Tiberium Essence. It contains three missions, all feedback and suggestion are welcome.

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Mission 01 - Fort Cortez
The Third Tiberium War has started, and Nod has began assaulting on all fronts. Their recent attack
took place in Central America, near GDI's Fort Cortez. Ion Storms in the area have devasteted the
city. Right now we don't know about Nod's movements in the city, so we must act carefully.

The objectives are as follows: First, fight your way to Fort Cortez, and once your forces are there,
we'll send in some Engineers to restore the functionality of the base. Once the base is back online,
search and destroy all Nod forces in the area, if there are any.

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Mission 02 - Archipelago
GDI's archipelago base near the Panama Canal is under siege by Nod forces. With the forces in the
area, you must destroy all Nod SAM Sites that are located in the northern and south-eastern
islands. Once the SAM Sites are down, capture Nod's Operation Center, and send a message for GDI
reinforcements. Once they've arrived, secure the north-eastern part of Cahara City.

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Mission 03 - Cahara City
Captain Sanders has been sent to destroy Nod's harbor base in Cahara City. Destroying all Nod's
Battleships and loading cranes will cripple Nod's activity in Central America. Once all Battleships
and loading cranes are destroyed, an extract team will arrive and rendezvous point in north.


Each mission has couple of surprises, and perhaps some references to previous C&C games. The pictures shown above are from early stages of developement, and may vary from the future release version.



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