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1.Free Play : Do What You want! (bonus: In Beta Release you will able to join some team or do your job alone; You will be able to earn for living; Trade and get quests to complete;) 2.Enhanced Car: Notebook, Radio, Lights, Trunk.. (bonus:in Beta release you will able to do more with your car! Surprise!) 3.Scenario(?): If You want to follow scenario (In beta release:You will have it too!);;;; 4.Survival horror: You will "enjoy" some horror "features" of my locations!!!(But also in beta release!)

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I can't wait to finish my mod But unfortunaletely I have no time to do this now. I want to create a mod instead of this pack of files; But very soon... Tonight I will continue my work. And very very very soon I will upload BETA,,, and then FULL version!!!!

Like I said I will impove gameplay and perfomance of my map; And also I will combine some other maps with my mod and create complete mod directory to run mod more faster and install it faster. Just because of lack of time I haven't did it.So here is what you will have:1.FREE PLAY2.ENHANCED CAR (v.2.0) :))3.BUDDIES AND ENEMIES !!!! :)))

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Recently I added a new feature : DESTRUCTABLE ENVIRONMENT; and WEAPONS... and (maybe) PEOPLE (like umm in postal...:))) should I?))))

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