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Starting to work on the final level, Shadow Island. We also have some questions regarding a PC release and a gameplay video to show off!

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This week we finished up the five main islands of our game and have been doing complete playthroughs of the game looking for glitches and any bugs, or just anywhere we can improve things. We also have had some people play testing it this past week, which is fun to finally get this thing into some people’s hands. We are finishing up one of the bonus levels this weekend, and fine tuning that. I will also be working on art for the sky city bonus level and I’ve got some ideas that I hope we can implement into the game next week. We are also laying out the final boss level and fight, Shadow Island. Hopefully it all comes together exactly how we want it to and it should be epic. EPIC!
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We've had a few requests for a PC release and up until now we never even gave it a thought because we didn't know how to go about releasing it on PC. We could always setup a shopping cart on our website and just give people the files upon payment but that never really appealed to us. With the announcement of Desura I thought it would be an awesome idea to jump in right away and see just how everything works. With the awesome community of ModDb behind it and the community focus they have planned I didn't even think twice before I signed up to check it out. We're slowing getting to know how it works and if it's even possible for us to do a PC release. If we release on PC there's some questions we have to ask if we go that route.
1) Controls: Since our game is designed for play on the Xbox 360 we have full Xbox 360 controller support out of the box on PC or 360. We would have to add keyboard/mouse controls and hope they fit well with the design. Players with a 360 controller would have full support on PC.
2) Modding: We do have a level editor that could POSSIBLY be either tied into the game or as a standalone project so the community could release maps for others to play.
That's just a couple things that I know would have to be addressed on a PC release, is there anything else we would need to support/convert or something else you guys would like to see? If a lot of people have an interest in a PC release please let us know!

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Yes! PC release! Thank you!

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Thanks, I appreciate your hard work. I think when developing XNA games people really should consider targeting both platforms from the beginning. I think for the most part supporting Xbox 360 controller will be enough but it shouldn't take a lot of extra work to make sure you have at least some somewhat native controls for PC users. Do some research and tests to figure out what works best.

Regardless, I don't know how you wrote your engine but do you plan to expose the game's DLLs for modders? If you do, we could easily develop mods.

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FinalMirage Author

At this point the most we'd probably do is add a map editor so users can create their own maps. More in-depth stuff could always be added through a patch or DLC later.

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