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Here an update of the Sponza demo I made with GameCore 3D. Available for Windows and MacOS.

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I made ‚Äč‚Äčthis demo in order to work on light and test the rendering capabilities of GameCore3D. I used the 3D model of the atrium Sponza available by Crytek last year.
In this demo use :

  • the Sky System with automatic lens-flare.
  • some of the post-processing FX available : ambient occlusion, bloom and levels HDR. Those FX can be activated on the fly by a script.
  • a day/cycle called by a script.

The demo is available (download page) for Windows (DirectX9) and MacOS (OpenGL).


i must say this is a very nice engine, models look fantastic on it. does it handle flight games well?

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LutinMalefique Author

Gamecore may handle flight game, at least arcade flight mode, look at MetaJets. A guy from Helios, also work on "space opera" game and i remembered of a demo in the official forum (search at "Arcade flight sim prototype").

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