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Today i finally got done with 95% of the base code done and fully coded :) so now time to work on Game Variants As of today i am planing for 3 game types to be done before a BETA... Game Variants: Gruntpocalypse, Infection, Single player/story mode :)

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Yo whats up! Time fore the big update !!!

Today i finnaly got finished with 95% of the base code for the alpha :)

So now time to work on Game variants!! such as: gruntpocalypse, Infection, and Story mode.

On track for Alpha:

Code Optimization: 95%
Image Optimazation: 100%
Cotrols: 100%
Menu systems:95%
G_Weapons: 100%
Weapon Range: 100%
Weapon Input: 100%
Enemy AI: 100% (random bot speed and movements)
Muzzle Flash: 100%
Save Game: 100%
Respawn locations: 100%

Lines of code in engine: 1,381 Lines
Game Variants:

Infection: (5%)
Gruntpocalypse: (95%)
Single player: (0%)

Infection mode description:

Infection in HaloL is the same as in reach. You start as a human or a zombie and play aganst bots
Code brakedown: At the moment i have figured out i can use the same images for the same bots just diferent animations and AI blocks... The player and zombies will look the same because i cant spare the space in the ammout of images i can load...

Gruntpocalypse mod description:

Gruntpocalypse mode is where the player has to defed aganst many, many, many! grunts and stay alive
Code brakedown: Right now this is almost done i just have to work out the spawn locations... The Grunt AI is vary basic so dont expect amazing stuff...

Ai isnt my thing at all... Remember this is my first time dealing with any code that is this hard... in otherwords im a C student and you want me doing grade A work... not happening yo... But yes the AI that i have set up now is basic but really grunts are supposed to be somewhat stupid...

AI functions for Grunts:
The AI for the grunt follows the player and when in range fires... The AI also avoids bing shot buy jumping out of the way...

Ai fuctions for Spartains:
Ahhh the spartains yes well we dont want "retarted" bots as one would say so i have tried my best to think it all out and yes they will be allot harder to kill!! The AI that i have writen down is if they are on the Zombie team then they will spawn with only one weapon (sword) and the ai tracks the player and has a random run function and lung function... if the enemy (spartain) is within 25pixels of Zombie[1] then find its direction face it and attack... the spartains AI on the other hand is made to run away or fight to simulate a fight or flight reactions as all humans have... :) kinda niffty dont ya think !!

Well thats all i got for now Alpha is within the week i can ensure you i just have to fixe 3 things !

Thank you


this is gona be for psp right. hope u get this done

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looks totally awesome, can't wait for the beta

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