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Amazing youtuber and bricklefront community member RedSunGamer threw together this wonderful video of the prealpha character test map. Thanks a lot dude.

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In Addition to the video i'd like to thank a few community contributions.

Ponda: For building us a Lego Tie Striker, and Lego Tie Fighter

Jack O Lantern: Conversion of Yoda and Geonosian Models

Benoz: All our sound effects and the Discord Banner

RevanSithLord: ATAT / ATACT Model

Destruktor: Xwing / Ywings Models

DanniMonca: Command post Model, Anakin, Obiwan, Luke

Fox: Creation of our ShadowTrooper Skin

Special Thanks to:

PierceNeedle, for managing the community discord.
Sleepkiller, for shaderpatch (without him the hires assets would not exist)

RedSunGamer, Youtube Coverage

SavageGamer, Youtube Coverage

Giftheck, Helping explain some sound stuff for me, also for the barrel reference model.

Teancum: for the personal joke that literally started this whole project.



I need this in my life

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The real question is, how will space fights look? Will all ships be legofied inside and out or will the outside be lego and the inside the same and vice versa?

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very cool

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