Post news RSS Game Mafia city is a game of Wars Between groub or gang of criminals

Game Mafia city is a game of Wars Between groub or gang of criminals

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Biker bulid camp on the Mafia City games this city serves as a place to train and make the Troopers or gengstar troops that we leaders of Mafia game on the City. Because before you assault, you guys need right forces in conducting attacks against the enemy, want that the gangsters of the streets or the big gangsters will we face in this game. So you guys would Create a Biker camp with level 1 and you guys need to open her by pressing the "BULID" to build it. and when you guys managed to build Biker Camp you must press button "Train" to form and train the armed forces of one Chopper that you guys have, the game Mafia city is very much a character or a member can you guys make, but can not be opened, because the Biker Camp Level we buy we do upgrades.
3. Defeat lv.1 street force , Once .

Game Mafia city is a game of Wars Between groub or gang of criminals for the sake of a seizing of power and property on each time the assault, on this last mission that we are asked to conduct attacks against the gang the streets that has a Level 1 and when conducting attacks against the gang that needs you guys know every time you guys attack Requires that the name of his forces, so this game also need right strategies in the placement forces opposing forces, so according you guys should read the powers of opponents in the assault because if you guys to lose you guys are going to miss the troops who died in the battle between gangs and reputation you will down when you guys lost to t gangsters of the streets.

At each Chapter has a number of missions that are given and you guys can see her on the Menu features mission and immediately complete every task given to be able to continue the game in his first Chapter on this game, where we've been successfully complete the game Mafia City in Chapter I and Chapter II managed to accomplish on this game which I will review in its first Day. So every time you guys managed to complete each Chapter in the game Mafia City, you guys will get some prizes, such as the right picture above where we got right 10 gold, 30,000 boxes, 30,000 dollars and 5 sprigs of flowers.

It's just that I can Review and share to the steemian all in the game Mafia City Chapter I "the BOSS RETURNS" my play and I described in the picture above, and I will be back again with the same game but with A Chapter his first chance at a different, I @rahmadbahri, steemian thanked those who have already seen and read my article, do not forget to comment and Vote on the column below. Thank you!!

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