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Three years ago, two friends decided to make a game. A strategy game with many types of units, nice graphics and many effects. After one year of building engine, they grew sober - those were too big plans! So they decided to make smaller logical game. That's how Fungi was born.

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Fungi is a puzzle game made by BluePulsar. The point of it is to get wisps to the portal. Well, how easy. By the time we started, the development of game was quite fast. In one week, we were able to control wisps and move boxes across the map. Enthusiasm pulled us to further work. Here you can see a screenshot from early development:

Concept of Fungi

By the time we recruited few people to create testing levels, one of us (today noone knows who) got an idea of online map sharing. Any player can upload his own map and that map can be played by anyone connected to the internet. Well, that was just a step from online ladder of players. :)


Development of Fungi took two years plus one year spent on engine. We hope that this big amount of time was worth it. Please visit the game site, download, rate and comment!

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