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sorta a proof of concept, for how engines can work... the technology is there to take games further than ever before. building a core engine to work with and a small 'non-game' or maybe recreating something as another take on a specific game title (very small)... this is kind of a personal project for the time being to see how far i (maybe eventually 'we') can go with a new game engine idea in regards to ease of use, creating compression on the fly, using files straight up without conversions..

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core of the project will be programming the stuff that all engines have in common.

- File compression during import of any item/file etc.
- Using files straight from programs built without having to have gimmicky 'special' file types for the engine itself (import/export)
- Different levels of AI for each type of AI
- Pathing/Path-Finding
- Collision handling
- Clipping handling
- Compatibility for general PC systems/setups
- Video Resolutions lowest to largest ranges etc.
- if and how extra's might be used such as scaleform (no havoc)
- naming conventions, showing the engine ID at the beginning of a given item within the engine (created and added to items during import or creation finish process automatically) in brackets, dates shown at end of name (no bearing on name itself just date when item was added or last updated) to keep track of how new or old a given item is.
- game creation: making a full 'planet' even if most of it won't be accessible to create land curvature like as a base game world, no void/oblivion stuff if seen with clipping toggled etc.

- after that taking ideas from games and expanding on them (not copy and paste) and creating our own version(s)... taking the gaming technology further than before (hopefully).


as a gamer what would you like to see added/changed/etc. for a given game or game engine.
leave a comment or email me with any suggestions.

also, i am looking for programmers, GUI artists currently for this project.

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