You can now view the game concept on steam! This is just so you can view the game and give me some feedback as to what you think. I will then submit the game to Steam Greenlight where you can vote for it to become available on Steam for everyone to buy.

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I have released a concept for the game on steam greenlight. You can check the concept here:

NOTE: This is just a concept for the game but the game will be up on steam greenlight soon if you would like to vote for it.

what is steam?
steam is a very large and popular client where people post games and is used by big-name companies to sell their PC or Mac ports of their games. All those cool new releases for games? (Just Cause 3, Batman: Arkham knight etc.) yeah those are put on steam for people to buy. You can check out Steam here:

what is steam greenlight?
steam greenlight is a community feature in steam where anyone can submit their games and people can vote wheather they want to have the game Avaliable on steam for people to buy.

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