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There are some things yet to do. And initial feedback has already given me incentive to change things.

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As I said in an article before the release there were a few other things I was going to submit to this profile to flesh it out a bit. These will appear over time now, probably over the next two weeks.

I'd also like to assure people that I will return to update Tumball occasionally. One of the first things I think I might do is increase the quality of the resolution. The reason why it's so low is because the game was originally intend to become an App for Iphone and Android but currently the methods put in place to get it there are not running and I so I had to make a quick turn to a different platform: hence the small resolution.

I will now start to look into improving that. Resizing the resolution so that it is much higher.
Other updates may include more levels making more use of the dynamic water in the later stages and adding further complexity to the game. Updates will be as regular as I can make them.

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