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We have seen what the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 1 and 2 can do, no one is sure what the future of the engines will be, but no one saw it coming.

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In Early 2012, L-mod United Kingdom built the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 1, an engine that was originally a mod for Unreal Tournament 3 to make the game feel more modern and up to date, until L-mod personnel saw what potential it had to be used to run its own games, the ShadowEdge Physics started of as Project GEET (Game Engine Enhancer Technology) which then became the ShadowEdge Physics Engine on March 20, 2012, 4 days before being launched, the engine saw use as a mod for Unreal Tournament 3, with games planned to be released, however, it is unclear if the ShadowEdge Physics will see any future updates, except for one concept model of the famous Britannia Statue seen in a few images for the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2 and its counterpart; the L-mod Technology Engine (a non gaming version of the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2. This is the statue as seen in the ShadowEdge Physics Engine:
ShadowEdge Physics Engines

The ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2 is the upcoming video game engine already built and is planned for a 2013 release, this engine is more upgraded than the ShadowEdge Physics Engine, this engine gives realistic lighting and higher graphic details, the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2 comes in two renditions, the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2, and the L-mod Technology Engine, the LMTE is a non gaming version of the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2 used to create simulations, animated movies and 3d images, making this engine available in other media jobs besides video game development, there is a difference between the two however, SEPE 2 is not as detailed and graphically better than LMTE, the LMTE has better effects and is more realistic than SEPE 2 for other purposes, animated movies will mainly be projects using the L-mod Technology Engine. Here are two images of the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2 and the L-mod Technology Engine:
ShadowEdge Physics EnginesShadowEdge Physics Engines

The Future of the engines are not clear, but the ShadowEdge Physics 2 is not the last engine, a third engine is being developed (or already built) and we will like to show this image, we can not say when it will release, nor what it will contain, but it is a ShadowEdge Engine so we hope you enjoy how this image looks, in case you were wondering, each version of the engines uses the same models and the same materials, nothing changed.

ShadowEdge Physics Engines

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