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Well Warriors and Wyches, not much action has been going on in this group. I find the reason why is because not many members are in it. But that is okay. No need to fright. If any of you would like to invite more members, that would be splendid indeed. Just be sure not to force them into joining. It's their choice if more Warriors will join us in our pillaging quest of the Galaxy! MWAHAHA!..Ahm...Ahem, anyway, you can expect some new content in perhaps a few weeks at a time. That's all curs! >:)

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You can look forward to new images as well. Like I said before, any of you can invite members just as long as they agree giving the "OK" about it. If enough members are able to join, there is a possibility that this group can get WAAAAAY more popular! Remember, the Dark Eldar are swift and they strike hard without fear. No need to fear this group, of course, if you are our prey, then you do have a right to. hehehe, Ahahahahahahah, MWAHAHAHAHAHA, Ahem! Ugh, "get ahold of yourself Kim". Well back to the subject; This group is for fans or players of the Dark Eldar Race in Warhammer 40k and/or Dawn of War Soulstorm. If you find this group absurd, than you are just all the other foolish followers of their idols. Wait I am an idol! What was I thinking? Ugh I need silence for a while before I post new stuff. Ta ta for least......


Dark Eldar don't have much of a fan base on Moddb. Most people seem to prefer the dakka based factions.

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