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Here you can find detailed information about our jobs. If you have any questions please let us know.

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We are searching for free workers with knowledge in the following positions:

  • Game-designer

As a game-designer you will elaborate and draw sketches of characters, levels, weapons etc. you get from the level designers and concept artist. They are giving you the ideas of the game, but you can also suggest your ideas. Together you are deciding what objects, decals, sounds and music the level designer will use in his/her level.

  • Level-designer

A level designer creates the maps. It may sound easy, but it is a hard job. You are working together with the game-designers and the concept artists. Together you are deciding what will be in the level and where. But of course you can make some small changes for example placing an object somewhere else or so. You wil work with the great Unreal Engine 4. If you don't have ever worked with a Unreal Engine (f.e. UDK) you should now start to learn the basics. The UE4 is now free, so just create an account at Epic Games and download it.

  • Music and sound artists

You create the music and/or the sounds. It is important to communicate with the other music and sound artists! You can determine who will create what. If you apply for this job, please tell us if you want to create music only, sounds only or both. You don't need to play an instrument for this job, but you need to have knowledge with music and sound editing. Several programs like Magix Music Maker or FL Studio are used by professional componists to create high quality music tracks. Many music artists are using keyboards or E-pianos for creating the tracks and then editing it.

  • Concept artists

You are working together with the level-designer and the game-designer. When the story is written, your job is to create a concept. A flow chart and lists are very helpful for that. The concept must contain everything: which levels are needed, how the menus are construced and so on. If you don't really know what needs to be included, ask us.

  • Programmer

The Unreal Engine 4 uses Blueprints "instead" of code. Well, not really instead. UE4 uses a technique called visual scripting. There are boxes with pins wich can be connected to other ones. Behind every function or event box there is a code. This code is written in C++, so if you apply for this job, you need to have knowledge in C++. Also, you should learn how the visual script in the UE4 works.

  • Model artists

You are modelling every mesh which is used in the game. Every house, character, weapon, enemy etc. has to be modeled first. Therefor you will need a modeling program like Blender or 3DS Max. Choose the one you prefer, but make sure to read UE4's export/import pipeline for each program. You will also have to rig the character and enemy models. If you don't know what rigging is, you may not have enough knowledge in modeling...If you would like to, you can also animate the skeletal meshes. For more information read the text below ↓

  • Animators (knowledge with Maya, Blender or 3DSMax)

Animatiors are using different programs to animate skeletal meshes, which are created by model artists. This will need much effort, because you have to animate detailed armature.

  • Beta testers

Being a beta tester isn't always fun. We are giving you a list of things that you have to test out, sometimes more often in a row. There are many things you have to regard of. And this work is very important, because after your tests, we're going to publish the game.

  • Graphic artists (knowledge in Flash for the menu)

The mainmenu, pause menu etc. are mostly created with adobe flash (.swf files). The menu needs to be animated, the buttons need a hover. So many things you can't do with UE4's widgets. Or at least not so pretty.

  • Story writers

Did you ever had an idea for a story and wanted to use it for a game? Now you can. You don't need any knowledge or so. You just need to write the story, but not as a book. The story is written in more detail. Instead of exciting introductions you will write a short summary what happens now. Just think that the game would start now. What will happen at first? This is what you are going to write. Also you have to write every dialogue clearly so that the voice actors can find them easily.

  • Voice actors: English and German

Your job is clear: You're speaking the dialogues. You can find every dialogue in the story. It is very important that you have good equipment for a good audio quality! If you apply for this job, please send us a small example of your voice act.

  • Translators

If we want to publish the game in more than one language, we'll need translators who will translate the story (don't worry, it won't be as much work as you think), interfaces (menus, hints etc.) and so on. Of course it is important that you are speaking the language very good. If possible, please send us some proof of your skills if you want to apply for this job. Our prefered languages are English, German, Spanish and Italian
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