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An update to FUEL: REFUELED V15.4 has been released, addressing issues relating to V15.4 and adding a couple of new features.

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O ver the weekend I've produced a small update to V15.4 that should address a number of issues, plus two notable improvements / features that I will be discussing below. The full change-log can be viewed here.

Damocles... fixed.

Damocles Ride Height Issue

In the stock game there is a bug with the Damocles Dragster in that it always spawns with the front of the vehicle half within the ground - which is very annoying! I've now figured out the vehicle parameter's and have been able to fix this bug, now it spawns like any other vehicle and should drive without issue.

Drive on water?

Drive on water?

For most racing games there is always some small mod that grants this, so I thought why not put it together for FUEL. With this optional mod your vehicle will be treated in similar behavior to the hovercraft when you drive into water... making you float and able to drive round and do what-ever. This won't appeal to everyone, but its a small optional mod available if you want it.

Download V15.4 [BETA5] - Patch #1

You can download FUEL: REFUELED V15.4 [BETA5] - Patch #1 here.

You must have FUEL: REFUELED V15.4 [BETA5] installed for this update to work.

If you have any trouble running this mod, then don't hesitate to post over at the FUEL: REFUELED Forum.


Pretty cool to have those optional mods for the fun

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Yeah really nice work! *You have earned yourself the internets!*

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