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Frozen Synapse enters final testing as we finally unveil the single player campaign. Read this to find out all about it and get 30% off the pre-order...

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[Quick note - if you're here for the 30% off coupon, it's STANCHER and you can use it here -]

Single player is finally here...

Map of Markov Geist

The campaign takes place in the near-future city of Markov Geist. Various factions share power here: the domineering Enyo:Nomad corporation and cult-like Blue Sunlight Foundation, among others.

The player takes on the role of a Tactician manipulating the forces of a small splinter organisation.

There are 55 missions, almost all of which are semi-randomly-generated: they retain the same objectives and some geometry remains the same, but each time you play them there will be differences:

One iteration of a random level...

....another iteration of the same random level!

That's quite a subtle example: some levels are more random than others! This means that replayability is always much higher than in other games: if you fail a mission and need to restart, you won't just be slogging through the same corridor.

What if you particularly like a certain iteration of a mission and want to replay it? Frozen Synapse saves all of these so you can just select them from a menu and try and beat your score.

Ninstar Lobby

The scope of single player is different from multiplayer: there are friendly factions who try to support your efforts, civilians who...get in the way, and an entire cast of characters who respond dynamically to your actions in levels.


You will be familiar with Belacqua's demeanour if you've played the current beta tutorial: he'll helpfully inform you when you haven't quite met his expectations.


Shand is one of the antagonists of the piece. He certainly has an antagonist's nose. I think he looks a bit like Charlie Brooker, though this is completely unintentional. I'll stop talking about the characters now before we get sued.

We've applied tactical gameplay to a variety of narrative situations...

A sticky situation

You'll find yourself doing everything from robbing banks to protecting doubting philosophers, assassinating security chiefs, breaking in to secret military compounds, securing a library and many other FUN SCENARIOS.
Believe it or not, we actually listen to you people. When someone suggested laser tripwires, we were all like, "THIS FEATURE WILL BE ADDED IN A FUTURE BUILD". But we actually meant it this time!


Tripwire before...


Tripwire after!

We really hope you like single player - it has been a challenge taking a tactical game of this nature and applying it to a single player narrative...but we have done it! For you!

Power Plant Fight

For those players who are really into the backstory, there is a dossier which displays information about the world as well as snippets of captured documents...

The map screen in full blazing effect!

The full soundtrack is now in the game. We're very proud of it - take a listen...

Support Us!
If you like the sound of this, you can get 30% off the Frozen Synapse pre-order for a limited time only using the coupon STANCHER. Just go here to pre-order. You can get the soundtrack there as well.

Already a Customer?
I know that loads of you out there reading this have pre-ordered already - thank you so much! If you could update your beta to the current version and play the campaign, it would be a massive help.

Please report any bugs you find in the Bugs section of the forums. This will really help us get the game polished up and ready for release.


You should make a character that can lay mines, turrets, or things like that.

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Ahh well I'll give this a try :) I was actually waiting with playing until the game went gold and all that, but this is just too tempting! Plus I might even be helpful by reporting bugs etc.

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Ehm, wait, I can't find where to download the game o_0 Help?

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Mode7Games Author

Hey, just email me at and I'll sort you out.

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Where exactly do I type in the coupon? I don't see any options upon payment. I keep meaning to pick this up and now I can't refuse with this offer.

-Edit- I see now you can only enter a coupon when paying by card not with paypal.

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I paid with Paypal and used coupon. Login with Paypal, then accept and you'll be brought to a non-Paypal page for coupon entering

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