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This version you will find tweaks to reduce spread patterns on the SMG's, allowing for a slightly longer range when fired on semi-auto using 2 or 3 shot bursts. I recommend adding a scope and silencer with any SMG and you will see a big difference in how you can use these weapons more tactically. Also made some minor tweaks to the sniper rifles, so be sure and check out the SR-25. In addition, the pistols reload faster. Some other stuff as well, but you can see for yourself.

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Disclaimer: If you are new to the game or use to playing on normal, this
version is most likely not for you. I would recommend starting with
Frosty v2 if that's the case and work your way up. This version is for
the experienced player and represents a significantly greater level of
difficulty, as the bots use the same weapon modifications as you do.
Enjoy! - Urbancorrupt

Note: v4 includes all the tweaks from all previous versions, as do all
versions of the Frosty Mod.

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