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This is our FAQ article post, all these questions and answers are asked frequently

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Here is an article with some questions that have been frequently (and some not so frequently) asked questions about Conquest: Reimagined.

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Q. When will this game be fully released?
A. We are in a very early stage of development, that being said, we do not have an exact date on when this game will release.
Q. What about copyright?
A. This is a non-commercial fan-made project that will be free when it is released. There is never a 100% green zone for copyright but we are flying pretty low under the radar as we are not mentioning the following words "Middle Earth" "Tolkien" or "Lord of the Rings". This does not mean we are 100% in the green zone but it is a pretty small chance something will happen to us.
Q. What game engine are you guys using?
A. We are using Unreal Engine 5.
Q. What is going to be new to this game?
A. We plan to add a huge amount of new features to this Conquest: Reimagined. Such as bigger maps, new combat, hero/villain skins, and more! There is a lot planned for this game. You can see most of the new features in our google document.
Q. When will CA (Close Alpha) be released?
A. As mentioned before, we are in a very early stage of development and can't have a concrete release date set for you guys yet.
Q. Will there be new units?
A. YES! we will be introducing a new unit called the "Defender/Guardian" class. He will wield a sword & shield in combat; When he blocks, he is immune to arrows and magic. Only from the front though. He will be named "Defender" for all factions aside from Elvish factions. "Guardian" will only be applied to Elvish factions.
Q. Will there be any gore?
A. We plan to add gore to this game. We will allow a setting where players can disable it or enable it in their settings.
Q. Will there be any combat changes?
A. We plan to implement a new combat system similar to the original game but also “revise” it to a more up-to-date combat system, as well as add a cinematic execution system.
Q. Will there be any new missions?
A. Yes, there will be multiple brand new missions, and every mission that was in the original Lord of the Rings: Conquest will last longer with there being more objectives.
Q. Will there be mod support?
A. Mod support is planned.
Q. Will there be a co-op mode for the campaign?
A. We plan to add co-op to our campaign. We are aiming for co-op to hold up to 8 players.
Q. Will there be multiplayer?
A. As mentioned above, co-op is planned to be added. We are focusing on the single-player for now and after that, we will be focusing on co-op for the campaign. A full 12v12 multiplayer is also in our books, but we cannot promise that it will be delivered.
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Will this be available for console players? Amazing game

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I would highly doubt it as its going to be released for free and to host it on something like psn is a big no no for copyright

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