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Answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the Unofficial LE2 Patch.

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Why are you in beta?

Our original goal was to release a complete patch fixing everything we considered fixable, followed by a large-scale but closed beta test. We hoped this would lead to minimal updates, reducing the burden on mod devs and mod users to update later. Unfortunately, the scale of the work required to address issues at the level of detail we ideally want, meant this was not possible while still releasing a usable mod on a reasonable timescale. We eventually came to the conclusion that the best way to balance these goals would be to release a public beta of the patch with the work so far, which we believe to be a stable, comprehensive bugfix in its own right.

On a much longer timescale we will more comprehensively address smaller aesthetic and QoL issues such as:

  • prop placement errors
  • pawn placement errors
  • misassigned materials
  • incorrect textures
  • camera issues
  • errors in cinematic lighting
  • streaming improvements

Though please note many of the worst of these issues are already addressed as you will see in the current changelog. We just haven't been able to address the details as well as we'd like.

Any future update will have a comprehensive list of affected files with their own changelog.

Is it worth waiting for final release before using the patch?

No. We believe this to be a complete, functional bugfix mod. This is not an alpha. This is a usable beta which you are encouraged to help us test robustly. A final release is a long, long time away. In short, this is much more than Bioware's patch and as far as we are concerned all critical issues are handled and stable.

Is this patch part of the Community Patch series?

This patch is designed to fill a similar function. It's a comprehensive bugfix mod with open permissions for all modders to use. Where necessary we have coordinated with the Community Patch teams to make sure the mods work with each other (for instance in importing Shepard's treatment of Conrad Verner). It has a different name, but if you're looking for the most comprehensive LE2 bugfix mod, you've found it.

We are a slightly different release group. Many members of the team contributed to the Community Patch projects, but the LE2 Patch team includes several modders who are not members of either the Mass Effect Modding Community discord server and/or its development workshop. As such, we have released this mod under different branding. To our knowledge it is the only such patch being developed. This is the Unoffical LE2 Patch.

Why did you take so long?

Work on the Unofficial LE2 Patch did not begin until Autumn 2021. When we began work, we also took a decision to work on the patch in parallel with other projects to avoid burnout. Additionally, several key members of the team experienced periods of unavailability due to unforeseen personal circumstances, not limited to increased working hours, housing issues and health issues.

We say that Mass Effect 2 is cursed. Apparently so is the patch team...

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