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Hey everyone. In this article we'll answer on some questions about the game, before update release, feel free to ask us in comments about something else. -Takeover Team

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When is Half-Life: Hostile Takeover going to be released?
We have not announced a release date for the game yet, most probable date is Q1 2023.

Is this game paid or free?
Half-Life: Hostile Takeover is a fully free game.

What engine are you using?
Half-Life: Hostile Takeover based on original GoldSource, with some code updates for better gameplay and visual effects.

Can I help with translating to my language?
We're not on this stage yet, but sure we're glad to see a translation of our game on foreign languages.

Did this game use original concepts and plots from Half-Life: Hostile Takeover by 2015 inc.?
We don't really have original concepts, since they were not posted anywhere, our game based on Marc Laidlaw and our writers plots.

Will be multiplayer/co-op added in game?
We have no plans on co-op or multiplayer, it probably will be added later, when everything will be ready.

Will this game include new voice lines?
We're planning to add a lot of new characters in the game, and a lot of them will be with new voice, and old characters will be re-voiced.

Will all TFC classes and weapons make an appearance, and will the weapons be faithful to the originals?
Almost all of TFC weapons will be in game, and some weapons will be imporeved in design and textures.

Will there be any possibility of seeing some HL Aspects from another angle/side/story?
Yes, we planning to change alot of things, first of all is lore.

When does this take place before or after the resonance cascade?
Before and during Resonance Cascade.

Will we be able to build TFC sentries?

Will there be any form of subtitles?
Probably no.

Are we against Freeman or with Freeman?
We'll not contact Freeman in game, but we can see him, in some moments.

Hey again, If you want to ask us more be free to ask us in comments or in our discord server. Update is planning on 05.25.2020 with a lot of new content. Have a nice day.

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2023, that's a long time.

I suggest you cram as much as the known content about the original project since there were some really good ideas there, zombie monkeys, "big brother" houndeyes, remote controlled car bombs etc.

Hope you guys can make this project work, good luck.

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penTiuname Author


3 years is enough for such huge project as Hostile Takeover, which have not plot and lore. We'll continue keep you informed in our social medias, like or

Final product will be shown in next update. Have a nice day.

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this mod's development stage is still continue? because some people said this mod's development stage is freezed

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