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This Frequently Asked Questions will answer most of your possible questions. If you have a question please leave a comment :)

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Any ETA on the release date?
No, we are in beta stage at the moment and there is no ETA for a release date as of yet.

What scripts version is RC4 based on?
Renegade Coop 4.0 runs on scripts+ssgm 4.0 from Tiberian Technologies which is available on their website at .

Will there be a dedicated server?
Yes, there will be a dedicated server package available.

I want to make Coop 4.0 maps, what tools do i need?
You need the Renegade Public tools, gMax and scripts 4.0 source code. Install gMax first, then install Renegade Public Tools and install the RenX plugin into your gMax folder. You will mostlikely need to write your own scripts for a coop map. The scripts for 4.0 are written in VS2012.
If you write your own scripts you will have to provide me with the sourcecode so i can port it over into 4.0

What is your contact info?
You can reach me on in the channels #MPF-Coop. I also use AIM my name there is 'sunnyzunnie'. If you need to contact me then hop on irc, i'm there usually everyday.

Will you implement any custom units or buildings?
If i can find anyone willing to make those units or buildings, then yes. I don't model units or buildings myself.

I got this great coop idea, what can i do to get your attention?
Post the idea on our forums at and include a picture of the battleground you have in mind. Furthermore be as specific as possible describing the scenery. If i like the idea and am able to create it, i will.

Greetz zunnie!

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