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I've gotten many questions about the mod recently. I will attempt to answer some of the most common here.

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-How can you create a mod for a game that is not out yet?

Without access to the game we cannot. However planning, which is an important part of a mod this large, can be done. Factions, items, quests, locations, troops and much more need to be decided. Art, sounds and music for the mod can also be made.

-How long after Bannerlord will The Old Gods release?

I cannot give a date for a finished release of the mod yet as it will depend on how easy to use the mod tools are. Although I do want to get an Alpha release out early into development to allow for testing and feedback.

-When year will The Old Gods take place?

The date isn't final yet, but it will take place some time between 800 CE and 900 CE.

Will The Old Gods add new features, not part of the native gameplay?

I would love to include features not part of the native gameplay. I do have some planned features but they won't be announced until we find out all features present in native.

Where will The Old Gods take place?

The Old Gods is planned to stretch from Iceland to Arabia, basically all the places Vikings historically settled or visited. The initial release of the mod however will most likely not include all locations.

Will X troop have X equipment?

We will try to make every troop unique as possible. If you have a suggestion for a piece of equipment to be added leave a comment down below. Please provide links for images if you have access to them.

-What are the factions/ How many factions will there be?

There isn't an exact number yet but there will be atleast 20 in the initial release and more to come in future updates.

-How many people are working on the project?

Currently it's just me working on the project although I will be looking to bring on other people.

-Can I help?

Yes! I am currently looking for 3D and 2D artists at the moment. And later sceners, scripters, writers, testers and voice actors will be needed. If you don't want to join the project you can still help out by sharing the project and by leaving suggestions and feedback.

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