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these are the Long awaited Total Conversion Mod Starter Packs by [RIP]Dwnundr.. Want to Build your Own TCM for Freelancer then this is the Starter pack for you...

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Vanilla Starter Pack: 3.1

The intent of this Pack is to allow you to start your own mod using all of the normal systems and factions and do it with nearly zero errors. Aldebarans Station Resource I and II are built in as well as sur fixes by Mirkha. Instead of Open Single Player, the campaign has been left active and working.
Please remember that even though this Pack has the word Vanilla in it, it doesn't mean you can join a server running version 1.0! Not only will you not be allowed to by the server, but even if you try to convert several files you will still fail (or be banned for cheating).
The reasons are numerous and start with the fact that this Pack begins you in a Rhino Freighter, not a Starflier. The reasons don't stop there, there are simply too many improvements to maintain compatibility. Don't try to join a 1.0 server, period.

TCM Starter Pack 3.0

intended to help with the hardest part of creating your own TCM; getting rid of the vanilla systems and starting from nearly scratch with no current errors (but not so stripped that you would have no clue where to start).
This would also be useful for creating small mini-mods. For instance a Start system, a system with only fighters and a system with only Capitol ships for having inter-server tournaments. Or each new system could have ships from a specific mod (get permission first!).
Aldebarans Station Resource I and II are built in as well as sur fixes by Mirkha. Open Single Player has been activated and works like a charm.

All Support for This Mod starter pack can be found here at the Freelnacer Community Site By Team [RIP]


Find The Downloads Here or on our Mod DB Underverse Profile


This looks really good =D

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Looks cool

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