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Epic Proportions Studios Launches FL:THC's Naval Combat Prototype. Read on for more.

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Welcome to the UNSCN's Luna Academy. As Officer Candidates you will be learning to command ships for the war in which we are now embroiled. You will also need to learn the ways of our enemies. As such, we have launched the Naval Combat Prototype Simulation for you to learn what to expect when battling amongst the stars. Please head over to to register yourself for the simulation immediately. From there you shall be granted access to the simulators.

Epic Proportions Studios is delighted to welcome you to the release of Freelancer: The Harvest Campaign’s Naval Combat Prototype. The combat system is, by and large, what we expect it to be once FL:THC achieves a full release. However, this is not just a chance for you to experience the combat of FL:THC, but it is also a test. No game is perfectly balanced, especially right at launch. From time to time we will be running test battles with specific setups of fleets to test and evaluate the balance of the modification in order to provide you with a more polished gaming experience.

As of this time the NCP Includes:

~Most UN Frigates
~Most UN Destroyers
~The Halcyon CL
~Most HC Frigates
~Most HC Destroyers
~The HC CL + CLC
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