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Knowledge of programming languages is of fundamental importance to anyone involved with the handling of large amounts of information, because with the intelligent use of such a tool can save hours of repetitive work. This applies even to professionals who work with the most artistic of 3D modeling and animation. If you've worked on projects involving these types of knowledge, you've probably noticed that there is a lot of repetitive tasks. Now, the interesting thing is that in some situations the tasks change according to the project. Therefore, it is difficult to create tools that are at once universal and help artists to work with just about everything.

Because of this, we have scripting languages in all major software 3d modeling and animation. For example, we used MEL in Maya and 3ds Max MAXScript. But among these languages shows that the more universal is Python. We can already take advantage of Python scripting in Blender, Softimage, Houdini and even in 3dsmax using the module created by Blur Studio to adapt tools developed in Python for MAXScript.

If you are a user of Blender and want to start learning to program in Python, referring to several examples already in Blender 2.54. There is a free book on Python with Blender that can be copied at that address.


74 pages are filled with examples and tips covering the following topics:

  • Editing of objects of type Mesh
  • Materials and textures
  • Creation of objects
  • Organizing UV textures
  • Hierarchies for animation
  • Handling cameras
  • Rendering
  • Adjustments to curves

These are just some of the subjects available in this material. The book will not teach Python to work with from the beginning, but has the advantage of showing examples of how to perform some simple tasks using Blender 2.54, as the creation of geometry. The exemplification of the procedures is helpful, it can lead to adaptation of the scripts for more complex tasks.

The material is recommended for all who use Blender and want to expand a bit on their projects, creating custom tools. Knowing that kind of language is a big difference for any artist.

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