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Mysterious hideous ancient monster, its origins are unknown, it could be an alien, or it could be some sort of vegetable. You will find out inside this article.

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Ernie will battle a variety of mysterious ancient monsters. One of the boss monsters that the player will encounter is an ancient alien whose origins are unknown. The monster releases large disgusting growths that slowly ooze towards the player. They can be destroyed by perforating them with a hail of bullets, but be careful because they can explode. It can charge up and release powerful beams of energy if not stopped, much like some of the later enemies you will encounter in the game. This mysterious creature, which might be an alien (it could be an might not be an alien), can also summon more powerful minions of evil for help.

We are currently working on designing the character while implementing the gameplay mechanics. We will have screenshots as soon as it is done. Also, that photo above is exactly how i looked in high school.

Much love <3


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