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"Have your say!" in our forums - tell us what you'd like in your space-combat-trading-explore-em-up!

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We're seeking your input - tell us what you love and hate about Spacers. We're all about community dev - we have our thoughts, but there's nothing like running them by the one's who will actually be playing the game!

Pop along! :

sgmongo - - 53 comments

2 systems no one ever impliments right that would make most games better.

Bounty hunting system:

Nothing beats being the most badass human/critter hunter in the galaxy. Tracking a target, making the kill, bringing back the head. Capture alive adds spice. Destroying a colossal space station from within using stealth.

Hit list:
-Randomly Generated Targets (Never the same stuff 2x)
-Target data (IE: weakness's and strengths that if you don't plan for can trip you up hard!)
-Adjust price on difficulty
-Randomly generated secondary targets and objectives, Sometimes mid-mission as events!
-GET CREATIVE!!! If you have to dock at a station that only allows smaller class ship you might have to tailor your gear or jump out your own airlock to get it done! Throw monkey wrenches into the work. Make it fun!

Eve-online probably had the best idea for this, despite poor game mechanics for scanning. The idea that there are wormholes that you can map out to rare resources, new phenomena that with study yield new technology, or just plain gorgeous scenery is a fun idea to explore. Surveying systems for pay. Going planet side - and encountering strange new (and sometimes hostile) alien life forms, or uncovering a resistance element and fighting your way out to report them to the government for a bonus. Generating this kind of thing on the fly definitely adds replay value. I could just spend hours exploring stuff, especially when I know I'm the first to set foot on a given location, just gives me shivers.

Just please for the love of god don't cheap out if you add out-of-ship experiances and combat. I will die of boredom if I see another point and click, target and 123, wow-clone interaction system. First and third person is the reason Bethesda, EA, and many other game companies do so well, and why diablo 3 was such a flop. Don't fall into the trap!

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makdominion Author
makdominion - - 10 comments

Cheers sgmongo - I'll move this across to the forum.

For bounty hunting - we hate the "Wait at XYZ at 02:00, target arrives, shoot, kill, collect bounty, next..." - we're already intending to track them down as they move around the galaxy and then corner them somewhere, then kill/cripple/capture based on the bounty itself.

Ships will have schematics that come up in the HUD, which you can use to target core systems (engines, power, life support et al) after taking down the shields. But, some ships may have reconfigured beyond their blueprints...

Price on difficulty - do you mean purchase of kit/ships? Interesting - yes, this might be a good one, set the play-bar a little higher all round.

Exploration wise - you're on our wavelength all right - Planet-side will have to wait for future planned expansions, but exploring the galaxy itself has been bumped up to a major feature due to popular demand.

Combat will largely be FPS (ie. flying in the cockpit mode) but external will be an option - notably for larger destroyer/carrier vessels. It will not be "point-n-click" ;) You're still going to have to fly it, and whilst targeting can be assisted, you'll still be in control of what gets shot, when - and how.

That's great feedback sgmongo - thanks, it's appreciated!

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