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In a world where all hope is lost reinforced concrete is the only thing to cling onto.

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First-of-all I'd like to thank everybody for the alpha testing and feedback Far Cry Z-DAY has received so far. In this post I'd like to share with you some important news regarding the Z-DAY team as well as share an early build of Fort Bexhill, a concrete bastion of firepower inspired by one of my favorite films, Children of Men.

Fort Bexhill

I'd like to welcome several new members to "the development team", which went from two (Fino and I) to a much larger group willing to invest time into this project. BombadeerStudios will be working on some terrifying zombie horde sound effects. Thanks Liz for showing your willingness to participate, I can't wait to incorporate your effects into this mod!

Fort Bexhill

Deserving equal attention is Christopher White from White Noise Wave Ltd. His team of highly experienced composers and technicians will be taking on the daunting task of creating an exclusive Z-DAY soundtrack. You heard that right, Z-DAY will have its own OST! I'm very excited about this if you could not tell already. Be sure to check out their company page to get a preview of what might come!

Fort Bexhill

Additionally Lindsay, a very talented writer, has shown interest in co-authoring the storyline for Z-DAY. So we will be writing story, dialog and cutscenes together. I'm not the greatest writer around so most of the credits will probably end up going to her side of the fence. Furthermore I'd like to once again thank Fino for his awesome mod allowing for the special features and weapons in Z-DAY. Version 1.0 should be out next month so be sure to keep track of that page!

Bonus screenshot:


That's it for me now! Mauro aka GCVos checking out!


Nice, keep it up, i will have time to test After some months...

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