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French Hope News, 27th December 2014 : [F|H] & [762] & [WaW] Community Map Pack released with Ste Mère Eglise !

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Hi everyone,

Even if it's been a long time without news, i'm glad to tell you that one part of our job is enlighted nowadays. Guys from 762, FHTournament and WAW Tournament released a community mappack with 17 new maps !

Here is the list :

  • Advance on Foy [F|H]
  • Argentan [F|H]
  • Battle of Salerno [WaW] & Stubbfan
  • Breakthrough at Cassino [F|H]
  • Brecourt Manor Aserafimov
  • Carpiquet Aerodrome [WaW]
  • Catania [F|H]
  • El Algheila [F|H]
  • Etna Line [F|H]
  • Garigliano Crossing [WaW]
  • Kefalonia [WaW]
  • Operation Nordwind [F|H] & [WaW]
  • Orscholz Switch Aserafimov
  • Sidi Muftah [F|H]
  • Ste Mere Eglise TeamCont@Ct & 5hitm4k3r
  • Vosges Mountains [WaW]
  • Westwall [WaW]
  • This is the best christmas for a long time for us, since Ste Mère Eglise is our work (the majority of the French Hope is part of Team Cont@ct). Don't forget what 5hitm4k3r did to make it perfect !

    The password is UNITED

    To conclude here is an old teaser made by Team Cont@t and the minimap from Ste Mère and we hope that you'll make some amazing screenshots on fh2 servers ;) Don't forget that the map is playable in 16, 32 and 64, and it has its AI support !

    An old teaser, still rocking !

    The minimap

    Have a nice Christmas Holiday,

    Stay tuned, and see you soon !

    A Bientôt!
    The French Hope Staff


    The link is off man

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